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10 June 2006

Easy Nail Care Tips

Well-groomed, beautiful nails are an integral part of a woman's appearance.

Healthy nails, in addition to being an attractive addition to the rest of your body, reflect all sorts of personal habits, both good and bad. Healthy nails are also a reflection of our general state of health.

Here some nail care tips that I have learned from Sarah Jane (Author of Get Gorgeous Now). Keeping your nails healthy and beautiful can actually be easy...

Never cut or clip your nails to shorten them. You should always file them down with an emery board to the size that you desire.

In addition to filing them, be sure you are doing so on a 45 degree angle. This is the best positioning for filing your nails. Also, never file feed into the corners of your fingers. You should always file from corner to center.

The best time of the day to file your nails, or give yourself a manicure, is after doing the dishes or after getting out of a bath or shower. Nails are much softer then and these activities will remove dirt from underneath the nail.

You should apply a top coat to your nails, almost daily, to help protect and strengthen the tips. Try to avoid using nail polish remover- especially those containing the harsh ingredient acetone. Most nail polish removers dry the nails and nail bed out.


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