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30 May 2006

Father's Day Gift Idea

Father's Day is coming soon! Well, still has 20 days, but we can start to think about what to get for your Dad and/or your hubby.

Idea No.1 - Mr. Clean AutoDry

Mr. Clean AutoDry can make the perfect Father's Day gift. It's easy-to-use and can make cleaning go fast for the family who promised dad a clean car for Father's Day. But it also makes cleaning the car a joy for the dad who loves to take care of his car.

Mr. Clean AutoDry is a sleek, all-in-one device that attaches to the end of a regular hose. It actually lets you get rid of the bucket and towel, and still get an amazing clean. It holds the soap you need to get your car completely clean. And it features a filter that removes spot-causing minerals and impurities from your water, which gives you a spot free shine with no need to hand dry.

Mr. Clean AutoDry can get dad's car sparkling for summer with less time and effort. To learn more about this great Father's Day gift, please visit


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