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30 April 2006

Need A Brow Wig?

Yes, you heard me right, it is a wig for your brow!

I don't know how long this kind of product has been in the market, but it is the 1st time I have ever seen it, unbelievable!

Eyebrowz is a online cosmetics shopping site which provides women with the tools to help them have beautiful eyebrows.

Check their website out, they have great step by stey photos show you how to do your eyebrow makeovers.As for the wig, well, I know they are human hair, but I am just not crazy about it.

There are the Before & After photos. Looks natural, pretty neat, eh?! My question is, howcome someone has no brow at all??

29 April 2006

Check This Cool Site Out!

ELSEWARES is a online catalog of unique products from independent designers and entrepreneurs.

They have lots of cool stuff for you to buy, plus:

  1. They are passionate about design. They go to extraordinary lengths to find unique, high-quality products they feel good about selling.

  2. They care where things come from and how they're made. Many of they products come from individual artisans, but they also endeavor to work with and buy from manufacturers and vendors who respect worker rights and the environment.
  3. They do more than just make money. They make a concerted effort to encourage creative business practices, support cottage industry, keep corporate hegemony at bay, and kick out the jams.

Besides, ELSEWARES is always on the lookout for innovative products and ideas. They work directly with independent designers, artists, and entrepreneurs, in fact, they like to think they work for them.

If you design, make, or sell something that ELSEWARES should know about, or if you know someone who does, get in touch with them.

28 April 2006

Pamper Your Pinkies

Most nail polish contains chemicals, including phthalates (dibutyl phthalate or DBP) used to help reduce brittleness and cracking.

DBP, however, has been linked to birth defects in rodents.

Although we don't yet know much DBP it takes to harm humans, experts recommend avoiding it, especially if you are pregnant.

If you are looking for a chemical-free manicure, check your natural health store for water-based nail polish in a wide variety of shades.

You do not need a chemical remover, either. When it's time to change your colour, simply peel off and reapply.

Pretty cool, eh?!

27 April 2006

Healthy Shopper Coupon Book

You gotta check out this cool website and get your FREE coupon book!

The Healthy Shopper is a coupon book for natural and organic products including Food & Beverages, Vitamins & Supplements and Personal Care products.

The coupon book is available FREE at health food retailers across Canada, and it is valid for one full year!

You can find the 2006/2007 Healthy Shopper coupon book in stores right now, so pick up your copy for over $85.00 in savings and the chance to win a $100 Healthy Shopper Spree!

Be sure to browse their website for new features to help you incorporate healthy products into your diet, home, and lifestyle.

If you like, join their Coupon Club, for access to e-coupons, recipes from natural and organic companies from across North America and their monthly Healthy Shopper Newsletter.

And, don't forget to tell them about your healthy shopping habits and receive samples and/or product information from Aubrey Organics, Easy and Real Green Bars. You will also be entered to win one of ten $100 The Healthy Shopper Sprees at a health food retailer near you!

26 April 2006

Ready for Spring-Cleaning?

I don't mean spring-cleaning your home, but spring-cleaning your body!

It's time for me to do detoxing again!

And I'm starting a 12-day Herbal D-Tox program tomorrow.


a well-toned body,
the loss of several pounds,
healthy skin,
increased energy,
better digestion,
feel fit and healthy,
be able to relax...

Are you ready for your spring-cleaning? I am!

25 April 2006

Hello & Welcome

Hi, thank you for stopping by!

I'm closing my old blogs (Network Marketing & MLM CHIC) and putting this new one up.

Smart Olive will be a place where I record everything that is fun, cool, and really caught my eyes in my daily life. Whether it's beauty, health, fashion, home, food, dog, books, travel... or whatever, as long as they are chic stuff, I will put them on my fatulous new blog.

I hope you will enjoy your visiting at Smart Olive! Please do come back often and let me know what you think! Thank you!