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23 June 2006

How To Create Flirty Eyes

The trick is to not over-do the look.

We want to make your eyes look as if you didn't do a thing to them at all. We are simply going to make what you have... look a whole lot better. Only you will know how many steps it took to create incredibly flirty eyes.

Prepare the eyelids with a base to help hold the shadow in place. Allow to set. Apply a layer of flesh colored shadow across lid. Depending on your coloring, the color could almost appear a salmon shade, but it will blend into the lids quite easily.

If your skin has more pink tones, use a soft pink shadow instead. What you don't want is for the shadow to be noticeable. We are simply making the lids a uniform color.

Sweep a line of icy blue cream liner across the base of the lashes.

Apply a brand of mascara that will thicken and lengthen the lashes.

Check below the eyes for any splashes of mascara.

If necessary, use a cotton bud that has been dipped into makeup remover to take care of the area.


If you have very sensitive skin, you should be very cautious about waxing any part of your face.

Not sure what your brows should look like? A good technician should be able to help you. Have them waxed and then all you have to do is tidy them up whenever you spot a stray hair.

The more you practice the better you will become.

You can have eyes which flirt. Simple really.

P.S. Of course, if you really want to create that irresistible killer look, see more specific tips, and get access to top secret makeup techniques, they're all included in Allison Saunders' new Video - Hollywood Makeup Secrets.

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