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01 May 2006

Home For Your Bags & Shoes

If you've been looking for a cool way to store your most prized or less-frequently worn footwear, the clear shoe boxes from Shoe Stor might just be the ideal solution for you!

How about hangbags? Are they in the way? Is your purses collection a mess?
Shoe Stor has the answer to your closet woes as well!

Start taking good care of your precious shoes and bags, giving them each their own space and keep them organized.


Blogger Ashley said...

Hey there Olive. That is a really great idea to buy containers to keep some of you favorite shoes and handbags in so they don't get damaged or yucky. When my hubby bought me a designer purse they gave me a really neat bag to keep it in when I'm not using it. Well I've been using it since I go it so I probably won't see that bag until I get another designer purse. Who knows when that will be.

1/5/06 3:19 PM  

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