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28 June 2006

The Secret To Luscious Lips

Lip Makeup

Lipstick provides the final touch to your makeup, without it, no looks is complete. For a perfect result, you will need a steady hand, some practice, the correct implementations and a knowledge of the correcting techniques.

What You Would Need?

A narrow flat ended brush, a selection of finely sharpened lip pencils, lip gloss and lipstick (either the conventional tube lipstick or the cream type with a sponge-tip applicator).

If your lip color is uneven, then you will need a special lip base or balancer... use a lighter tone on the dark areas and a dark tone on the light areas.

These balancers also form a base for lipstick and help to keep the color of the lipstick pure and clear.

  • Lip Makeup Application Technique
  • Outlining With Lip Liner:

    Before outlining the lips check that your lips are smooth and grease free. Use a sharp lip liner pencil in a shade close to that of your lipstick color and with a steady hand, lightly outline the lips. For the upper lip, start at the centre and work out, towards the corner of the mouth.

    For the lower lip, work from side to side.

    Priming The Lips With A Lip Balancer:

    Fill in the lips with a special base or balancer to even out the skin tones. If your lips are of an even color, use a face powder as a base.

    Filling Up With Lipstick:

    Using a lip brush, fill in the color. For the upper lip start at the centre and work outwards. On the lower lip work from side to side. Don't pile up too much color.

    It is much easier to add more later than to remove any excess.

    Blotting Off:

    Fold a clean tissue and place it between your lips. Press the lips lightly together to remove the excess color and to help seal the remainder, so that it stays on the lips rather than moving onto every glass you use.

    Final Lip Gloss Application:

    Finally finish with a lip gloss to get a gleaming look.

    However, women with extra-full lips should use lip gloss
    very sparingly.

  • Shaping Up Your Lips
  • Through knowledge of what you can do to correct lip shape you can truly achieve a perfect finish to your face.

    Study the shape of your lips, identify the defects, if any, and decide on what you want to achieve and then proceed.

    Small Mouth With Small Lips

    These are easily corrected by taking the lip liner pencil outside the natural lip line. Work slowly and steadily to form a perfect shape. Fill in with primer and finally with the lipstick. A highlight of frosting on the upper lip would also create an impression of fullness.

    Large Mouth With Full Lips

    Apply liquid foundation makeup to the entire mouth, then outline with a dark shade of lipstick just inside the natural contours of the mouth.

    Then apply lipstick of a lighter shade carefully and accurately within this outline. Subdued shades work well for this kind of mouth. Use medium toned lip colors and avoid dark browns, plums, electric bright or pale shimmer shades.

    Full Upper Lip

    Apply fluid foundation makeup to the upper lip. Outline just inside its natural contour and apply a dark shade of lipstick. Then outline the lower lip just outside its natural contour and emphasize by filling in with a lighter shade of lipstick.

    Full Lower Lip

    Outline upper lip just outside its natural contour. Apply a light shade of lipstick and in the centre add a touch of lip gloss. Apply fluid foundation makeup to the lower lip. Outline just inside its natural contour. Then fill in with a darker shade of lipstick, using a lip brush.

    Wide Mouth

    Cover the corners of the mouth with foundation makeup or a cover stick. Apply lipstick with a lip brush, stopping a few millimeters before the corners of the mouth are reached.

    So there you have it everything you need to know to create the perfect "Lip Look", which will have you beaming inside and out.

    Of course, if you REALLY want to create that irresistible killer lips, see more specific tips, and get access to top secret makeup techniques, they're all included in Allison Saunders' new Video, Hollywood Makeup Secrets.

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    27 June 2006

    How To Apply Foundation Correctly?

    Applying foundation is a simple procedure, but a lot of mistakes can be made. Here is an easy way to look great.

    Foundation is not going to help you if it's the wrong color.

    Go to a cosmetic counter and request help. They will provide samples that can be matched to your specific colouring. Apply foundation by dotting it on your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose.

    If you don't want all over coverage, apply just in the needed areas. Dampen a sponge and gently distribute the foundation across your face.

    Check jaw line and hairline to make sure foundation is well blended. Use pads of fingers and press gently all over your face. The heat from your fingers will help in the blending process.

    Don't avoid this step

    Go to a natural light source and check your application!

    Any problem areas will stand out so that they can be attended to.

    Additional info

    If your freckles are light, don't even try to cover them up.

    Show them off by using a sheer foundation. If you happen to have the darker ones that you just can't live with, choose a cream foundation to cover and even out skin tones.

    More additional info

    Always apply foundation with a wet sea sponge. When wet, the sponge promises a sheer layer of coverage.

    Try it both ways to see which you prefer.


    Be sure to blend blend blend! Special areas to watch are the hair and jaw line. And be sure that your face isn't one color and your neck another.

    P.S. To get more Hollywood insider beauty tips... and a complete "encyclopedia" of ways to become more beautiful, check out Allison Saunders' brand new video beauty system - Hollywood Makeup Secrets.

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    26 June 2006

    Important Health News for Women

    Have you ever heard of Inflammatory Breast Cancer?

    Inflammatory is a form of breast cancer that I honestly had never ever heard of!

    Ladies, please, you MUST watch this komo tv news clip, it's not a joke!

    Click here to watch the video.

    Click here to read the story.

    And, please be sure to pass it on to all your lady friends!

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    23 June 2006

    How To Create Flirty Eyes

    The trick is to not over-do the look.

    We want to make your eyes look as if you didn't do a thing to them at all. We are simply going to make what you have... look a whole lot better. Only you will know how many steps it took to create incredibly flirty eyes.

    Prepare the eyelids with a base to help hold the shadow in place. Allow to set. Apply a layer of flesh colored shadow across lid. Depending on your coloring, the color could almost appear a salmon shade, but it will blend into the lids quite easily.

    If your skin has more pink tones, use a soft pink shadow instead. What you don't want is for the shadow to be noticeable. We are simply making the lids a uniform color.

    Sweep a line of icy blue cream liner across the base of the lashes.

    Apply a brand of mascara that will thicken and lengthen the lashes.

    Check below the eyes for any splashes of mascara.

    If necessary, use a cotton bud that has been dipped into makeup remover to take care of the area.


    If you have very sensitive skin, you should be very cautious about waxing any part of your face.

    Not sure what your brows should look like? A good technician should be able to help you. Have them waxed and then all you have to do is tidy them up whenever you spot a stray hair.

    The more you practice the better you will become.

    You can have eyes which flirt. Simple really.

    P.S. Of course, if you really want to create that irresistible killer look, see more specific tips, and get access to top secret makeup techniques, they're all included in Allison Saunders' new Video - Hollywood Makeup Secrets.

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    21 June 2006

    Do You Make These Concealer Mistakes?

    I don't think that there is a woman alive, who hasn't made at least some of the mistakes listed below.

    But, with a little practice and some know-how, you should have the art of concealer use mastered in no time at all.

    You should never apply concealer straight from the tube!

    The application will be too heavy.

    You apply too much!

    With proper technique, you shouldn't be able to see the concealer at all.

    You choose the wrong colour!

    Don't choose something too light. This is one of the most common mistakes. The concealer is not blended. It should be applied with brush and then tapped on, not dragged.

    The wrong formulation was chosen!

    You have a choice of liquid, stick or pencil. The liquid is the easiest to use, the stick should be used for very dark circles as this gives a heavier coverage, and a pencil should be used for blemishes.

    Obviously, using concealing cosmetics can be difficult. It takes lots of practice. It is also important to consider if you are going to be out in full sun or in a dimly lit restaurant.

    Skin too pale!

    While we are supposed to stay with our own skin tones, sometimes, those tones are too pale and adding more of the same with foundation, simply doesn't look right.

    Here is the answer.

    Warm up your skin with a tinted moisturizer topped with a hint of coppery gold blush dusted all over your face with a concentration on your cheekbones and chin.
    When changing the skin tones, think about where the sun hits the face.

    The secret to these tips is to make it look as if you have nothing on your face at all, then when your friends make comments like...

    "Something has changed about you, but I just can't put my finger on it"...

    You know you've got it right.

    by Allison Saunders

    P.S. To get more Allison's Hollywood insider beauty tips... and a complete "encyclopedia" of ways to become more beautiful, check out her brand new video beauty system - Hollywood Makeup Secrets.

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    20 June 2006

    I Love Benefit

    Benefit is my favorite cosmetics brand, they have some great promotion now.

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    One gift offer per customer.

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    19 June 2006

    Skincare From Your Fridge

    Beauty awaits you. Not at the make-up counter. Not at the day spa. Not at the plastic surgeon. It awaits you… in your kitchen.

    Your best skin care secrets can come from your diet secrets. After all, you are what you eat. So, in the words of Italian mothers everywhere… Mangia!

    When it comes to eating for beauty, the rule is: the fresher, the better. Avoid processed foods whenever possible. The fresher your foods, the more nutrient packed. Keep that in mind when planning and preparing meals. Shop like the Europeans. Buy what you need for a few days, not an entire week. Cook things healthfully, eat from all food groups and vary your diet.

    Eat your veggies.

    Fresh vegetables, when available, are preferable to canned or frozen. Raw produce has a greater concentration of vitamins and minerals. Less time at the stove, that‘s attractive.

    All vegetables are beneficial. So, if canned is all you’ve got it’ll do. But remember to hit the market tomorrow. Green leafy vegetables are high in beta-carotene which is essential for healthy hair, eyes and skin. Sprouts prevent wrinkles and age spots. Include some on your dinner menu tonight.

    Fresh fruit are great for you any time of day.

    Sweeten up your breakfast, indulge in a fruity mid-day snack, have a healthy dessert. Cantaloupe is high in vitamins A and C, which promotes healing and controls oil on skin and scalp. Tomatoes (yes, they are a fruit) are packed with A (wrinkle and pimple fighter) and beta-carotene. Citrus fruits provide great doses of vitamin C.

    Again, fresh is best. What a sweetly indulgent way to take care of yourself!

    Proteins are building blocks.

    Turkey, chicken, fish, eggs, lean beef and soy all provide protein and B vitamins which support hair and nail health, and youthful skin. Prepared healthfully, they’ll satisfy your appetite and your form. Fish, like salmon and sardines, are full of protein and Omega 3 which promotes glowing skin.

    Drink water.

    Lots of water. It purifies you all the way down to your cells, and speeds the regeneration of damaged tissue. So, even if you aren’t at your best now, you soon can be.

    Health and happiness equal beauty.

    When you eat goof foods, you're nurturing your body. When you’re nurtured, you feel good. When you feel good, you smile. When you smile, you look good. So eat and enjoy your way to a healthier, happier, prettier you.

    By Allison Saunders

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    Allison Saunders is a MAC qualified Make-up Artist and the author of an amazing new course, Hollywood Makeup Secrets, a simple step-by-step video system for maximizing your innerand outer beauty potential.

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    16 June 2006

    Tahitian Noni Products a Huge Hit at Tony's

    The 60th Annual Tony Awards were held on Sunday, and Tahitian Noni products made a huge splash with attending celebrities! Already more than a million people have learned about Tahitian Noni products as a result of this event, and that number will climb to 3.5 million in the next couple of weeks.

    Tahitian Noni International's backstage booth was flocked with Tony Award nominees, presenters, and media. They loved the Tahitian Noni products that were included in their goodie-bags:

  • New Moéa shampoos and conditioners
  • Moéa Body Butter and Sugar Scrub
  • TePoemä Pore Refining Mud Mask
  • TePoemä Blemish Recovery Gel.
  • Celebrities especially loved the feel and smooth texture of the Body Butter and tropical scent of the Sugar Scrub and Strength & Rejuvenate Shampoo. Below you’ll read all about the media coverage and celebrity reactions Tahitian Noni products generated.


    US Weekly - June 12, 2006 Circulation: 1,675,000 Highlights the Moéa Fullness & Volume Conditioner as part of a “Reader Giveaway” to win the Tony Awards gift bag.

    Toronto Star - June 12, 2006 Circulation: 454,529 Talks about Tahitian Noni products as some of the gifts in the $35K gift bag. "A new line of beauty products made from the juice of the Tahitian noni plant.”

    New York Post - June 12, 2006 Circulation: 662,681 Cindy Adams includes Tahitian Noni International in the "Behind the Scenes" column noting, "Joanna Gleason wanted Tahitian Noni's sugar scrub, and Norbert Leo Butz glommed onto their body butter.”

    Sunday Today in New York - June 11, 2006 Television program highlighted Tahitian Noni products: "For those of us who can't get out of the city and head to the Hamptons, this is Tahitian Noni's new hair and body line and it smells like the islands.”

    New York Post - June 8, 2006 Circulation: 662,681 Highlighted Tahitian Noni products as some of the items celebrities will receive in their Tony Awards gift bags. - May 31, 2006
    Highlighted TNI's participation in the 2006 Tony Awards gift lounge.

    Celebrity Quotes

    Several A-list celebrities stopped by the Tahitian Noni booth throughout the day. They sampled the Body Butter right on the spot, and once they tried it, they were extremely interested and wanted to hear more about Tahitian Noni products. Check out some of their comments:

    • Cynthia Nixon (Rabbit Hole): Loves the feel of the Moéa Sugar Scrub.
    • Mark Ruffalo (Awake and Sing!): “I was recently in Tahiti and am very familiar with the noni fruit. The Moéa line smells much better than the fruit!”
    • Marcia Gay Harden (Angels in America: Millennium Approaches): “These products are great. I’m planning a mother/daughter spa day at home!”
    • Hal Holbrook (Mark Twain Tonight!): Plans to give the Moéa products to his wife.
    • Julianna Margulies (Festen): “I love that the TePoemä Pore Refining Mud Mask comes in individual packets.”
    • Joe Pesci (Jersey Boys): “Use the Moéa Body Butter for a better body!”
    • Chita Rivera (Chita Rivera: The Dancer's Life): Thinks the Moéa Strength & Rejuvenate Shampoo smells “divine” and can’t wait to test it out.
    • Stanley Tucci (Terrence McNally's Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune): “I’m thinking about planning a trip to Tahiti, and the Moéa line is tilting the scales in the right direction!”
    • Norbert Leo Butz (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels): Huge fan of the Moéa Body Butter.

    For more information about Tahitian Noni International and their products, click here!

    Discover the insider secrets from Hollywood's top beauty professionals, click here!

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    14 June 2006

    5 Most Common Makeup Mistakes

    Orange face, white neck. Brown neck, pink face. We all know someone with no perception of how her make-up really looks on her own face. She's sweet, really sweet. But she's a joke in your circle of friends. Oh, no. It isn't you, is it?

    Well, even if you don't wear "clown makeup," chances are you're making some mistakes with your makeup. Take stock to be sure that you don't fall into any of the makeup traps below.

    Mismatched Foundation

    Your foundation should not be a different color from the rest of your body. Really, it shouldn't. This is an easy problem to fix. March yourself down to the make-up counter at your favorite department store and let the salesperson do her job. It's her job, after all. Don't be intimidated, you don't need to buy the whole product line.

    Blue Eye shadow

    Blue eye shadow works for some people. Little girls in dance recitals. Guests at 1970s-themed parties. Ethereal looking supermodels. If you aren't one of the aforementioned people then don't wear it. Enough said.

    Dark Circles Under Eyes/Obvious Under Eye Concealer

    This is a chicken or egg problem. You're right, the circles aren't great. But neither are orange crescents
    under your eyes. Play around with a few shades of concealer to see what really works best for you.

    Different products work differently on different people. Just because one brand works for your friend, doesn't mean it'll be flattering on you. Make sure you're getting enough sleep and talk to your doctor. Sometimes those circles are a sign of allergies or a vitamin deficiency.

    Obvious Lip liner

    This is a look. It's just not a flattering one. Lip liner is intended to add dimension to thin or small lips, to lengthen the wear of your lip color and to prevent your lipstick from "bleeding" onto your face. It is not intended to create a visible outline.

    Inferior products in your dressing area

    Most of us are not starlets with dressing rooms and make-up artists at our disposal. But that doesn't mean we don't deserve to look like starlets with dressing rooms and make-up artists. Invest in good lighting around your vanity. Stock it with quality make-up brushes and limit your make-up collection to products you'll actually use. That way, your budget can be used to buy better cosmetics.

    You're worth it

    Add a couple of extra minutes, a wee bit more effort and a little money into your daily makeup routine. It's not vain to spend a few dollars on or a few minutes at your vanity. Put on your prettiest smile, bat your beautiful lashes and show the world that you like who you are.

    Put your best face forward... you don't have to hide behind crow's feet and lip lines...

    By Allison Saunders

    Allison Saunders is a MAC qualified Make-up Artist and the author of an amazing new course, Hollywood Makeup Secrets, a simple step-by-step video system for maximizing your innerand outer beauty potential.

    12 June 2006

    8 Great Tips for Better Colour and Sexy Nails

    In presious post I shared some Sarah Jane's (Author of Get Gorgeius Now) nail care tips with you, now, let's take a look at some tips on applying polish.

    Here are the top 8 tips for better color and SEXY nails...

    Tip #1: Check your polish. Old polish becomes thick and clumpy over time causing uneven application and unsightly bubbles. If your polish HAS become thick, add a few drops of polish thinner and shake well.

    Tip #2: Start with clean nails. If your nails have traces of lotion or cuticle oil on them, polish won't stick evenly and will chip more readily. Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or nail polish remover to clean the surface of the nail before you paint.

    Tip #3: Begin with a base coat. A base coat is vital to any nail polish application as it smoothes out nail ridges and allows polish to go on more evenly. A base coat also protects nails from becoming stained when you wear dark polish.

    Tip #4: Watch your brush. As you remove the brush from the bottle of polish, carefully wipe one side of the brush along the bottle's neck. This will remove any excess, bubble- producing nail color from the brush.

    Tip #5: Apply in minimal sweeps. Always apply color from the cuticle to the tips in three swipes. One up the center of the nail and one on both sides of the nail. You may need to use more strokes, but keep in mind that fewer sweeps of color equals better results.

    Tip #6: Clean up as you go. It's inevitable that you will wind up with some polish on the skin around your nails. Use a wooden nail stick to quickly swipe away the excess as you go.

    Tip #7: Finish it off with a top coat. Just as important as the base color, the top coat seals the polish onto your nails and gives a high-shine finish.

    Tip #8: Allow ample drying time. Set aside at least an hour of "hands-off" for nails to dry. Remember, even if they feel dry to the touch after time, nails can remain tacky and more prone to nicking your beautiful color job.

    There you have it- 8 surefire tips to better nail care. Let's look at a few more techniques you can use for great nails...

    Never apply more than two coats of polish. What a lot of women don't realize is that the nail bed is robbed of its breathing capacity when there are more than two coats.

    Once you have polish on, never peel or scrape the nail polish off of your fingers. Also, stay away from metal instruments- for example, a tool that pushes back your cuticle- as both of these processes can scrape off the protective cells of the nail surface.

    Another nail wrecking habit is nail biting. You should always keep your fingers out of your mouth as biting your nails can damage the nail bed which can lead to a deformed nail shape or uneven nail growth. You can also transfer harmful organisms to the nails this way.

    After the nails are beautifully filed and protected with a top coat, apply a hand cream or lotion. Cuticles should get extra attention and moisture with a product like Vaseline Moisturizer, Moisturel, or Aquaphor. You can also apply moisturizer right before going to sleep.

    The cuticle, protects the nail root from bacteria. Instead of cutting the cuticle, push it back gently with a rosewood stick or rubber-tipped cuticle pusher.

    For those cuticles that are hard, dry and sticking up, slight trimming is justifiable but never remove the whole thing. Strong cuticle growth can be controlled with a cuticle softener or a cuticle remover liquid.

    For another hand softening move, turn to Vitamin E. Take a Vitamin E capsule, break it open and massage into the hands.

    There are plenty of things you can do for better hands and nails. It's really not difficult, it's just something that needs to be added to your weekly beauty routine.

    If you want a complete "encyclopedia" of beauty tips and tricks that you can use to look your best, I highly recommend Sarah Jane's book Get Gorgeous Now.

    10 June 2006

    Easy Nail Care Tips

    Well-groomed, beautiful nails are an integral part of a woman's appearance.

    Healthy nails, in addition to being an attractive addition to the rest of your body, reflect all sorts of personal habits, both good and bad. Healthy nails are also a reflection of our general state of health.

    Here some nail care tips that I have learned from Sarah Jane (Author of Get Gorgeous Now). Keeping your nails healthy and beautiful can actually be easy...

    Never cut or clip your nails to shorten them. You should always file them down with an emery board to the size that you desire.

    In addition to filing them, be sure you are doing so on a 45 degree angle. This is the best positioning for filing your nails. Also, never file feed into the corners of your fingers. You should always file from corner to center.

    The best time of the day to file your nails, or give yourself a manicure, is after doing the dishes or after getting out of a bath or shower. Nails are much softer then and these activities will remove dirt from underneath the nail.

    You should apply a top coat to your nails, almost daily, to help protect and strengthen the tips. Try to avoid using nail polish remover- especially those containing the harsh ingredient acetone. Most nail polish removers dry the nails and nail bed out.

    07 June 2006

    The 3 Stages of Men's Married Life

    I know this is totally off topic, but it's so funny, I just like to share it with you all!

    The 3 Stages of Men's Married Life

    Stage 1 - Before Marriage

    Stage 2 - After Marriage

    Stage 3 - After The Divorce

    05 June 2006

    Smart Olive Update

    Welcome back to Smart Olive!

    As you can see the layout has been changed. Well, I really love the original look but somehow it just didn't function right. I don't know whether it's Blogger's problem or the template bug, I decided to change the layout, hope everything will be alright.

    On the top of the blog, I added a "Today's Headlines" area, it's automatic RSS feed. There will be 3 new headlines provided by FreshContent.Net every day.

    Smart Olive doesn't really have a niche, but from now on, I'll just blog subjects on Beauty and Fashion.

    I have two other blogs - Affiliate Smarts & The Dog Talk. The Dog Talk is a brand new project, it will be launched officially on Saturday 10 June.

    Ok, enough for now! I'd really like to hear back from you, so don't be shy, leave me your comments! And, don't forget I'm open to exchanging links as well!

    04 June 2006

    Free Breast Self-Exam Cards

    Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, but it can be successfully treated. The key? Early detection.

    There is no need for me to emphasize how important it is to exam your breast regularly. If you don't know how to do the self-exam, get a Free Breast Self-Exam Card from The Komen Foundation (they will mail one to you totally free). It is a plastic card with a hole for you to hang up in the shower, so you can follow the instruction to exam your breast while you're in the shower.

    And of course, their online Self-Exam tool is wonderful, don't skip it!

    Please pass this info to all the women you care about!


    ** About The Komen Foundation **

    For more than 20 years, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has been a global leader in the fight against breast cancer through its support of innovative research and community-based outreach programs. Working through a network of U.S. and international Affiliates and events like the Komen Race for the Cur, the Komen Foundation is fighting to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease by funding research grants and supporting education, screening and treatment projects in communities around the world.

    03 June 2006

    Free eBooks for Blogging Newbies

    Have you noticed Blogs are everywhere now? They are the craze today! So, do you blog?

    Blogging is so hot and so in on the internet! If you are marketing online, blog is a great way to get your website indexed by the major search engines fast. Why do you care if your website gets indexed fast? Well, if your website gets indexed fast, people will be able to find it in the major search engines fast and subsequently you will receive traffic and leads to your site fast as well.

    Blogging is easy, is free, and full of fun, here are some FREE ebooks you can download, follow the instruction, you will be able to set things up in no time. Check it out yourself!

    Becoming A Super Blogger!

    A short, no fluff, no filler, no explanations guide intended for experienced Internet Marketers and webmasters who don't need any hand-holding, just step-by-step instructions on how to benefit from it all right away!

    Simple Guide To Setting Up Your Own Blog!

    A basic start-up guide, topic includes Creating Your Blog, Making Changes to your Blog, Posting to your Blog, Changing Your Template, Moving Your Blog...

    Marketing with Blogs & RSS

    Learn how to use blogs and RSS to boost Your Online Business, Rankings, Traffic and Sales. Learn how to reach wider, targeted audiences, get higher search engine rankings and communicate effectively with prospects!

    The Bloggers Edge

    How to use Weblogs as Marketing Tools! A short, concise guide by Paul Short, a major player in the up and coming blog publishing industry and owner of

    EZ RSS and Blogging

    Easy Blogging and RSS Tutorial for the average Webmaster!

    RSS Content Delivery Power

    This Marketers' Introduction to RSS explains and compares the e-mail and RSS content delivery systems.

    Forum SuperTips

    How to post at Forums for Profit. Not about blogging, but appropriate - forums are one of the best places to tell the world about your blog - if you do it right!

    All these 7 ebooks are FREE, hope you find them useful and helpful!

    02 June 2006

    Healthy Eating On A Budget

    For many people, a limited food budget can be a real roadblock to healthy eating. It is an unfortunate fact of life that some of the lowest priced foods, from fast food value menus to cheap potato chips, are also some of the least healthy. It is possible, however, to create excellent tasting, nutritious meals, even on a tight budget.

    The key to planning and creating healthy meals on a limited budget is good forward planning and solid nutritional knowledge.

    Step 1 - The shopping list

    Anyone who has visited a supermarket lately knows how dangerous it is to enter the store without a shopping list in hand. Shopping without a sense of what you need and don't need opens you up to all manner of temptation, and most of those tempting foods are not nutritious.

    In addition, picking up all those extra items can easily blow your food budget and leave you without the funds to plan those healthy, nutritious meals. A good trick is to keep a note pad near the table or refrigerator. Having the notepad within easy reach makes it easy to keep track of the foods you need to stock up on.

    Step 2 - Watch those flyers

    Most major food store chains publish weekly sales ads, usually as inserts in the local newspaper. Keeping track of these sales, and taking advantage of the low prices to stock up, is a great way to gather a cupboard full of healthy food. Once the pantry is full of fruits, vegetables and other healthy fare, it will be much easier to create healthy recipes the entire family will love. In addition, locally grown, in season fruits and vegetables are usually more of a bargain than out of season or shipped fruits and vegetables.

    Step 3 - Stock up on staples

    Essential staple foods, such as flour, rice, and pasta are frequently put on sale as loss leaders at major groceries. Stocking up on these essentials when prices are low is a great way to stretch any food budget.

    Step 4 - Never shop when you are hungry

    The old advice to never shop when you are hungry is definitely true. Shopping when you are hungry is a sure way to give into temptation, bust the food budget, and stock up on all the wrong foods.

    Step 5 - Become a label guru

    Nutritional labels contain a wealth of information, but it is up to each shopper to read those labels and understand what they mean. Nutritional labels contain complete information on not just calories and fats, but the amounts of various essential vitamins and minerals as well. It is important to know how to read labels in order to get the best nutritional bang for your food bucks.

    Step 6 - Pay close attention to package sizes

    Just because two cans look alike it does not mean they are. Packaging can be deceptive, so get in the habit of comparing weights when shopping for canned fruits, vegetables and other items. Also take advantage of the lower prices available on store brand and generic products.

    Step 7 - Use coupons, but do it wisely

    Manufacturers coupons can be a great deal when used on products you already buy. Buying something simply because you have a coupon, however, is typically not a good idea.

    Step 8 - Replace meat with beans and other less costly substitutes

    Eating less meat and more beans and lentils is a good way to save money on your food budget while still getting the protein you and your family need. Try experimenting with some vegetarian recipes for interesting ways to use these non meat alternatives.

    In addition to the tips listed above, there are several ways that smart shoppers keep their food budgets at a minimum while preparing delicious, nutritious meals for their family every day.

    One trick is to keep the refrigerator and the pantry well stocked with staple foods. Keeping a good supply of staples on hand will avoid unnecessary trips to the store and also avoid the need to buy such products when they are not on sale. When staples such as bread, flour, peanut butter, canned vegetables, etc. are on sale, be sure to stock up.

    01 June 2006

    My Little Weather Lady

    Check this out everyone! I just add a WeatherPixie to my blog under the "cool stuff" section. Is my little weather lady cute?!

    The WeatherPixie is a little graphic that shows a representation of the weather using data reported (mostly) by airports and aerodromes around the world. As the weather in a particular location changes, the graphic will also change. Daylight and current moon phase are also displayed.

    Wanna get one for your blog or website? Go to
    WeatherPixie to set up your own pixie! It's easy as 1-2-3!
    1. click on "my pixie" on the top of the page.
    2. select your location, weather girl (or boy), language...etc, then click on "set my pixie"
    3. on the right hand side, under "things to do" click on "View the HTML code for this location", you will have the code for your weatherpixie.

    This is fun, isn't it?!